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Kissed by an Angel Wines

How to make your Quarterly Club Selections

Step 1

Go to our website at: www.kissedbyanangelwines.com

Step 2

Click on the "Log In" button in the upper right of the webpage. Enter your email address or custom username that you selected at signup. If you dont know your password, there is a link to reset it. 

Step 3

Once you have sucessfully logged in, click again at the upper right of the webpage (same location as before) on "Hello Your Name".

Step 4

Click on "Club List"

Step 5

Click on "Edit Club"

Step 6 

Scroll down and look for the quarterly shipment.  You will see the default shipment and have the option to change the number and type of wines to your wishes. You do not need to accept the default wines and are free to select any wines from the list. There are some limits as to a minimum required and no more the 12 bottles in this quarterly shipment. The system will tell you if there is an error.

Tip: You can view wine prices by looking at our website. If you want to see a wine price with your discount applied, try putting it in your shopping cart.

Step 7

Confirm the correct billing address.

Step 8

Select your preferred billing card.

Step 9

Select your preferred delivery method. You have the option to pickup or have the wine shipped. You can also manage your shipping address in your address book.

Step 10

Click "Submit".